Top 10 Things Graduates Should Have Been Told About Work


Have your professors prepared you enough for your transition to employment? If you are not familiar with what having a full-time job actually involves, then you need to prepare yourself to face the “real world” before graduating, because it will probably hit you hard. The job market has become highly competitive after the global economic crisis and you find yourself out of options while trying to figure out what is best for you. This article provides a list of 10 things that you should have been told as a graduate. Check these out:

#1. Hard work and dedication will help you find work

You probably know that hard work and dedication helps you achieve many great things in life. Talent is not enough to achieve your goals, and what you really need is practice. Yes, of course there will be difficulties along the way but you will manage to overcome the barriers and learn in the process.

#2. Your actions might cause reactions

Since you leave university you become fully responsible for your actions. For every decision you make there will be consequences so you need to be extra careful how you choose to deal with certain situations in regards to your career and personal life.

#3. Networking will help you find work

Networking is essential in order to secure a job especially in a competitive job market. In case you didn’t know that before you graduate, choose the online professional networking sites that suit you and start networking now. The sooner you start connecting with other people and building your professional circle the better for you.

#4. Grades do not really count

Even though you managed to get high grades for your assignments and essays at university, they won’t really help you get a job later in life – not alone at least. Other factors such as work experience, skills, knowledge in regards to your area of interest and being a well-rounded individual are also important.

#5. You need to be thick-skinned

Everybody makes mistakes and everybody gets criticised for it. Part of the learning process involves making mistakes so that you become better at what you do. Try not to take it personally and instead trust your own instincts. You are probably going to get lot of criticism whatever you do anyway.

#6. You can’t be everything to everyone

Unfortunately you can’t be everything to everyone, even though your colleagues or boss may want you to be. Find the areas that meet your strengths and work on the ones to help yourself develop professionally. What you should do is to compete with yourself so that you give your best every day.

#7. Don’t stop dreaming

The world is in desperate need of new and creative ideas so don’t stop dreaming. Dreamers like you are the ones who actually manage to make things happen in the long run.

#8. Not everything is going to work out for you

Along the way, you might find that you need to adjust your preferences in order to meet the demands of the job market. If you can’t find the job you want, make sure that you are able to adapt to the changes and that you develop your skills in order to fit to any work environment you choose.

#9. Never forget your values and rights

Just because you are new to the world of employment it doesn’t mean that you will only get what is left. Fight for your rights and for what you believe is best for you. Most importantly, respect yourself and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

#10. Take every chance you get

Life is too short to not take any chances. As soon as you see an opportunity, get in front of the line and go for it. Even if it doesn’t really relate to your area of studies, it will definitely equip you with valuable experience.

Even though you believe the best years of your life have passed after leaving university, truth is that this is just the beginning. It gets a lot better after a while; in the meantime, all you can to do is to actively start searching for new opportunities.

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