Tips for the Best Sales Resume

Sales and marketing professionals may be able to sell ice to an eskimo, but sometimes they forget the importance of selling themselves with carefully developed and optimized resumes and LinkedIn profiles. It seems easier to sell a product than to sell ourselves.  Some of the keys to developing a resume that will sell your potential include leveraging the achievements over the span of your career. You are trying to develop your brand, just the way you optimize a company’s brand.

Here’s a summary of some essentials:

Show off your value by quantifying results, rather than simply listing your responsibilities.

Use buzz words that matter in your industry so your resume will get a positive ranking from any software systems.

Write for a specific audience; each job target is different so do some research and craft your resume accordingly.

When selling a company’s products, sales professionals are often able and ready to explain features, benefits and value at any moment. But what about your own value?

Adding numbers helps, especially any sales figures that you can share. More importantly however, is to show your unique sales approach using the same vivid detail that you use during product presentations.

Give your next employer a clear view into how you will grow their business with a powerful resume.

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