The Windows 10 Approach to Your Resume

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the upcoming release of Windows 10, the much anticipated next version of its well-known operating system expected sometime in 2015. The announcement was unlike the world-tilting, tsunami -stirring unveiling of the latest product by rival Apple, Inc., yet I still took notice of the news anyway.


Well, as a computer-dependent resume writer and self-proclaimed tech guru, I found the missing Start Menu from Windows 8 to be nearly as frustrating as my first Rubik’s Cube.

There was just something not quite right about having to find my PC desktop button among the assorted tiles, all mockingly spread across the screen. I compare my PC search to the candidate search woes that my recruiter colleagues experience as they hunt through resume databases to find “the one”.

Windows 8 reminded me of the “why pay someone when you can Google a free one?” resumes that I often field during consultations. I mean, if the goals are thrift, speed and leaving out the most desired parts of your career, then a free Googled resume makes sense, just as a quick-drawn Windows 8 made sense in the duel with Apple’s IOs – if you want to finish second, of course.

Microsoft took major steps to fix the mistake it made with its most visible work product. If you decide to go it alone with your resume, here are 3 ways that the Microsoft approach can help to revitalize your most visible work product, your resume:

Be Different for a Good Reason

Give your resume an honest look and ask yourself, “Does this document reflect me at work? Your resume should be a clear indicator of how you view yourself professionally. Companies will judge you based upon the first impression, so make it a good one. You are your own brand.

Distance Yourself from Past Mistakes

Millions of online career-related searches are performed each month for free resume templates, resume formatting and resume how-to instructions. Imagine how many people are using resume jargon and templates to flood companies with cloned resumes? Instead of adding to resume spam, try a fresh approach with your resume. Write out your skills, experience and accomplishments in simple words. Personalize your content and don’t worry about making it a fancy resume.

Keep It Clean, Simple and Professional

Instead of using unusual words which are rarely spoken to describe your work, use common language. Add details to support your work and finish off your resume with a personalized design.

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