The 5 Risks of Using Resume Templates

It is easy to understand why you might use a resume template. They are readily available online and usually at a moderate to low price. Unfortunately the risk you take in using a resume template might end up costing you more in the long run. Here’s why. A resume is the first impression that a company has of you, so it needs to count.

Just as important as it is to put on your best clothes to give a positive and professional appearance during your interview, it is just as important to look polished and well-presented in your resume. Consider for example, if you and 10 other candidates are applying for the same job and have used a similar template. What would make you different, more polished and more presentable than the other 10 applicants? A recruiter can make the decision to review your resume further within 10 seconds of the initial review.

By using a template you risk appearing inauthentic, unoriginal and a carbon copy of every other applicant. What’s worse is using an outdated design where you simply blend into all of the other resumes and fail to engage the reader. The more you are passed over for interviews the longer it takes to land your dream job costing you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

By going it alone, using a template and asking friends and family members for resume advice there is the risk of undetected grammatical errors, overused resume jargon or worse plagiarizing your last job description on your resume. Before you submit your next resume without a professional second-look, consider these 5 risks:

  1. Might cost more in the long run while you wait for interviews
  2. Makes it harder for you stand from other applicants
  3. Can appear inauthentic and unoriginal
  4. Risk of using an outdated design
  5. May have overused resume jargon and grammatical errors in content templates

A certified professional writer spends years writing strategic career content and is formally trained in written composition and the use of appropriate grammar. They also have the expertise to extract your unique skills and ability that make you different and can save you valuable time and money.

Spend less time searching for how to write a resume, sifting through free resume templates or trusting your career to an automatic resume builder. Bragsheet | Certified Professional Resume Writers

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