Social Recruiting Is Staying Strong


Social recruiting, using social networks to source and hire talent, isn’t new and it isn’t going away.  To understand what recruiters and human resources professionals are doing to find people for openings, you just need to look at the newest Jobvite study.

From 78% in 2008 to 93% in 2014, that’s the percent of recruiters/HR professionals using social networks to source talent.  In a few short years, this has grown 15%!

What Are Recruiters Looking For?  

Recruiters were asked what they were looking for when checking out candidates on two of the more popular social networks (LinkedIn and Facebook) . Here’s what they evaluated:

  • Professional experience
  • Length of professional tenure
  • Industry-related posts
  • Mutual connections
  • Specific hard skills
  • Cultural fit
  • Examples of written or design work

Social Recruiting Is Growing Because It Works!

73% of recruiters surveyed said they have hired candidates found through social networks. Of the 73%, this is where they hired from:

  • LinkedIn 79%
  • Facebook 26%
  • Twitter 14%
  • Candidate blog 7%

Return on Investment

The reason social recruiting isn’t going away is because it is effective! The data speaks for itself! For recruiters who hired using social recruiting, they reported the following improvements:

  • Quality of candidates 44%
  • Quantity of candidates 44%
  • Time-to-hire 34%
  • Employee referrals 30%

Worried About Your Online Presence?  Don’t worry, evaluate it and fix it!

Google yourself and make sure everything that shows up in page one search results is positive. Carefully review your status updates and social profiles to see what is viewable publically. It is never safe to assume that anything you share is private or among your friends only.

Trust me on this.

Never post anything to social media that you would embarrassed by! Spelling and grammar are important!

Don’t overlook that small detail.55% of recruiters have reconsidered a candidate based on these negative findings.

Ready, Set, Get Social! Yes, you’re convinced this is important. Go spiff up your LinkedIn profile. More importantly, USE LinkedIn.

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