So You Want To Earn A Promotion?

Earning a promotion often comes down to maintaining high performance and having the right people take notice at the right time. Simply being a high performer at work may not be enough in today’s workforce to earn a level-up, especially with the increased demand on employees to become specialized in several areas while companies strive to control labor costs.

Whether you are just beginning your career or you are further along the path, here are three steps that you can take to improve your job performance, prepare for the next level or capture the attention of key decision makers.

1. Deliver valuable results. Every employee’s work counts towards the success of the organization, yet within each role there are certain outcomes that may help to improve service, increase sales or reduce costs. Take inventory of your daily work and spend most of your time engaged in the valuable tasks.

2. Log your wins. Keep a file or written record of your accomplishments, projects and other contributions at work. A career journal can be especially useful when meeting with your manager to review your performance, applying for internal jobs or for making updates to your resume.

3. Build and engage your network. Connect with coworkers on a project or share your strategy as a way to gain new perspectives on your work and insights into new opportunities. When networking, focus on the link between yourself and other professionals and try to make the first move to help them with their plan. You may find your network particularly useful once you take on more responsibility.

Advancing your career can take time depending on many factors beyond your control. Taking the important steps above will make certain that you are ready when the next opportunity arrives.

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