Should I Hire A Professional Resume Writer?

I’ll answer this question based on what you are paying for if you hire a best-in-breed professional; you are paying them to help you achieve a level of improvement you’re incapable of achieving on your own. If you’re not a talented # writer, the level of improvement can be substantial and elevate you from obscurity to top contender status.

If you already have an acceptable quality resume written to the best of your ability, but this document still falls short of being the best it can be and is not generating the results you desire, the visible improvement may appear to be slight but the end results will skyrocket you to get called for interviews at a higher rate of success than before.


Most job seekers approach writing a resume from the perspective of the person on the interviewee’s side of the desk focusing on every last detail about what they have to offer and how to put it all into their resume.
Someone worth hiring distinguishes that the key to a successful resume begins with developing a profile of the person the employer wants to hire, then finding out where and how you fit this profile. Where they really earn their money is in deciding what information belongs in your resume and what information should be left out or glossed over so you don’t come across as being over or under qualified for the position or appear better suited for a different job.

Format & Style

What you are paying for is the experience a professional resume writer has in knowing which formats are preferred in your field or business sector and which are inappropriate. You’re also paying for their proven ability to know how to improvise on standard formats to arrive at a customized document stylized to create a personal brand for you that sells.

They earn their money by creating a resume that is easily customized to fit the variances for different jobs you apply for without your having to do a total rewrite each time you apply for a slightly different job opportunity.


You may have a strong verbal communication vocabulary that will serve you well in a job interview. But what you are paying a professional resume writer for is their ability to find and place the ideal words on paper without resorting to using clichés, outdated jargon and overused language that are ubiquitous on most DIY resumes.


This is where top professional resume writers are worth their weight in gold. They can envision the story that needs to be told to excite a recruiter and decision maker. They start by creating the ideal personal branding statement that sets the tone right at the top. Then they have the knowledge and ability develop the perfect Professional Profile Statement that accentuates what the reader is looking for and allows them to know your value fills their specific needs.

They also know how to present your work history and where place your accomplishments to stand out and validate the information that defines who you are and who you want to be.


If you work in a creative field such as Marketing your resume is the first impression people have of your ability to think creatively and out of the box and showcase how well you can create a visual brand. Most people are unaware of the need to do this and untrained on how to get it done. This is what they pay for if they want a resume that creates a Fist Impression that sells.


Nowadays top resume writers know how to incorporate your LinkedIn page as an adjunct to your resume and include this service as a part of their overall package. This is crucial for people seeking higher level positions where recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to find talent and get to know these unknown prospects a little better before they decide if and when to reach out and contact them. Hopefully you are paying for this service along with your resume because in today’s job search a well written, optimized and branded LinkedIn page is as valuable as the resume itself.

Regardless of the level of enhancement that you are seeking with your resume, investing in a partnership with a professional resume writer can significantly improve your chances of gaining interviews.

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