How to Beat Superman Out for the Job

Have you ever been in fierce competition for a job or an internal promotion where you absolutely had to get selected or else? How did you manage your time during the selection process?

Waiting around for a call from a company or recruiter can be like wearing Kryptonite, especially to your current job performance.  Here are a few quick ways that you can stay sane while you are in consideration for a new job:

Get Organized

If you are hired or promoted, the classy and professional way to transition is to leave your current job in good shape for your replacement.  Organizing files, documenting basic and informal How-To’s for support tasks or sorting through archived emails are a good use of your time in hiring purgatory.  If you get hired, you can transition as quickly as you can.  If you don’t, well at least you have your job in better working order than when the ordeal started.  You may need the extra organization while you recover the the “R” word.

Double Down On Job Preparation

If you are losing sleep imagining yourself in your new dream job, it may not hurt to begin the process of setting up your new work routine.  Checking in on recent company events, brushing up on industry practices or connecting on LinkedIn with other professionals or groups with which you will share your new job responsibilities may be a productive way of stepping forward into your new role.  Afraid of counting your chickens before they hatch? Don’t worry. When is the last time that you actually saw someone counting chickens before they hatch? Don’t answer that.

Meditate, Pray or Be Perfectly Quiet

Sometimes the best relief for handling a period of unknown outcomes is to shut down all of the extrasensory bombardment and get as calm as possible.  Quieting the inner self can be a chore, especially if you are a resume writer whose inner clamor of words, expressions and career concepts are on a perpetual film-reel loop.  Escaping to a quiet room or corner for a period of silent reflection can help to restore you to a point of mental clarity and put the whole job thing into full perspective.  If you get the job, you can be clear enough to restrain your inner workaholic from diving in too quickly and setting unrealistic expectations regarding your work pace and capacity.  If you don’t get the job, you will be clear enough to keep things in perspective and move forward as soon as possible towards your next opportunity.

Career change can happen faster than a speeding bullet.  Whether you are able to climb the success ladder in a single-bound or a series of steps, maintaining your sanity during the waiting period for a hiring decision can be a productive process and a much needed break from the daily grind.


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