5 Transferable Skills You Should Develop


Skills are essential to help you survive the demands of life. While some are specific to certain areas, such as your job, relationship and parenting, some skills are useful all throughout. These refer to transferable or portable skills that are relevant to across the board, so to speak. What are some of them?

Working effectively in a team

Teamwork is applicable in nearly every group situation. Regardless of the goal that must be achieved, being able to work effectively with other people will make you a valuable part of the team. You will really fit in, no doubt about it.

Showing initiative

Leadership skills are not only useful for when you become a leader. The ability to show some initiative can prove useful in various situations, even if you’re not officially appointed as the head of the team. If you have a charismatic personality, you should develop leadership skills that will help you build rapport and delegate tasks with ease.

Listening skills

Failure to listen effectively results in costly mistakes, which can cost you your job, relationship and opportunities. Rated as the most important skill that must be developed, you should work to learn how to become a better listener, one that listens and understands what is said to avoid misunderstandings.

Communicating effectively

Whether written or oral, effective communication is essential. Whatever you want to say or convey must be presented clearly, accurately and concisely to avoid misunderstandings. Most of the time listening and communicating goes hand in hand, which means you should learn both at the same time.

Managing time

Failure to manage and stay on top of your priorities can be your undoing. Missing out on your work responsibilities will reflect badly on you, and will cause more problems when work piles up. Stock up on essential skills, especially portable ones, so you can be versatile and flexible in every situation.

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