5 Secrets to Stand Out in Online Job Applications

These days, the internet possesses a major role in every company not only as a means of communicating between different branches all over a country or even the globe but also in expediting certain processes including human resource functions. These days, almost every aspect of the business operations can be integrated in one system and there are certainly several companies who are exploring the idea of using a cloud HR system. So much for innovations and other more intricate functions, human resource functions have already become more convenient when online applications became a norm. While this is better for a company, applicants would have to stand out in their applications or they will end up getting dropped in the list of prospective employees. Here are some of the tips for success as far as online application is concerned.

1. Make sure you are Qualified

Don’t get submission happy and feel that one click resume submission is the best thing around. How would you feel if you apply for 100 job postings and get not one positive response?  Most of the times, it is not the system to blame but how a job seeker perceives an online job posting submission. Well in simple terms, it’s not always them, it’s you. There are a lot of people these days who like to take chances and although this can be a good thing, many companies are not too happy about it. In fact, getting a lot of applicants with no one who is truly eligible for a position can be a big pet peeve. So, before applying for a certain job, make sure that you have all the qualities that they are looking for.
2. Build an online presence
There are recruiters and employers looking at your profile on LinkedIn or searching on Google to check your online presence and work portfolio.  These days, there is much that you have to take into consideration when you are planning to get your name out there. One great way to make you stand out when it’s time to evaluate your online application is to build an online presence. This is quite easy since there are several places in the web where you could possibly make yourself visible. By making a clickable about.me page or linking to professional web profiles, it will be easier to know more about you. As far as online application is concerned for most tech savvy jobs at least, you need to have a strong and active profile on LinkedIn.
3. Tailor your resume for the Applicant Tracking Software
Much as most of us would like to see the resume be a thing of past, hiring is still prevalent through a couple of pages of portfolio. It still pays to tailor your resume for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  The hiring process these days are partly manual, partly modern and there are some companies who filter applicants using their job description terms and the screening is done initially by a software. Much like search engine results, the applications which are shown to the HR department will be the ones that match the job requirements. This is the main reason why you need to take some of the specific job requirements and use it in your resume.
4. Tailor cover letters and make it personal
The first step is to get your foot through the door, the cover letter does it for you.  The resume will certainly say a lot about you but you should not underestimate the purpose of the cover letter. The cover letter offers you an opportunity to connect to your future employers and you can make your application more appealing by showcasing skills not listed in the resume but be sure not to boast. This is your chance to pitch your application, so use this chance wisely.
5. Fill all fields of your application
Diligence, attention to details, doing something that others don’t and having patience. These are the required attributes for getting success in your job search.  Some online job applications require you to fill 2-3 pages worth of info. This might be applicable when you are filling up the application provided in a website and although completing the process can be a bit tedious, you need to pay attention and make sure that you have filled out all the fields. This is a good way to express your interest about the job and at the same time, ensure that you can increase your chances of being hired. Some companies can screen their candidates using one of the fields in the application. And there have been some which require you to fill at least 3-4 pages worth of information about yourself or your work that helps them screen better, mostly those large organizations which get resumes by thousands for one position.
These days, the internet and mobility makes job applications easier to fill out and reach out to employers in different regions and countries. However, you need to make sure that you rise above other candidates for the job by putting in an extra effort that showcases your abilities better and strengthens your case to be called in for the next step in the job search process.

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