3 Ways the New IPhone 6 Can Help Your Resume

If you live at least remotely close to planet Earth, you either purchased, intend to purchase or at least have heard about the craze surrounding the recently launched IPhone 6.

Consider this; there are only a few sizes and colors so making your phone different from others is somewhat difficult.

Sounds like a resume, right?

The new IPhone reminded me of 3 things that can help you with your resume:

1. Bigger is Better!
Your resume header is prime real estate, first impression 101. Replace the “Objective”, the circa ‘95 interview repellent that is pinned to the top of your resume with a strong headline that tells people exactly what makes you special. Use your words, be honest and go big!

2. The Display Matters
If your resume looks like a grayscale technical manual on your career, it most likely won’t be read. A recent experiment tracked the eye patterns of recruiters as they skimmed resumes and confirmed that if you don’t have any visual appeal to your format, then you can almost forget an interview call.

3. It’s All About the Applications
Before you submit your resume, ask yourself “will this company understand how I will help them?” If the answer is yes, send it. If not, take a few extra moments to explain your key features and benefits that will help the company to clearly see your value. Add a strong cover letter and linkedin profile summary and you should be all set!

The company that receives your resume also gets buried under a barrage of similar documents, many Googled and cloned from an online template, spawned from a pre-programmed resume belching wonder-widget or courageous from-scratch content in a standard Word template.

Recruiters often tell me that they struggle with understanding how an applicant expects to be viewed as “the best” when their resume looks and sounds like all the rest. When a great job opportunity comes along, the last move you want to make is to wait in a long line and upload your career into a mass-produced, robot-customized template, no matter how many people are doing it that way!

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