3 Reasons A Written Thank You Letter Can Land the Job


The thank you letter after an interview: one of the tests of many managers.  You would be surprised at how many hiring managers will immediately disqualify someone if they have not received a written thank you after the interview. No matter how technically advanced we become, a hand written or even a typed thank you letter via email will almost always seal the deal if you are running neck and neck with another candidate for the job.

1. Proves Interest

When you send a written thank you letter, you are displaying your interest in the opportunity. I recommend that you always state why you are interested, referencing something specifically discussed in the interview. When you do this, the manager will surely be impressed that the discussion stayed with you and that you understand what is needed for the job. If you do not send a thank you, this sends a flag to the manager that you are not truly interested in the opportunity. The manager will more than likely drop your resume in the bin and move forward with another, more interested, candidate.

2. Demonstrates Professionalism

By sending a written thank you letter, you are showing to your potential future boss that you are professional. This follow up thank you letter demonstrates that you have excellent follow up skills, which is imperative among professionals. When a hiring manager is considering candidates, one of the things in the back of the manager’s mind has to do with the fact that you will be representing the company. Regardless of the position, each employee represents the company whether it’s through sales, customer service, invoicing, or answering phones and emails. A good hiring manager is looking for someone with professional follow up skills. The written thank you could be just what the hiring manager is looking for to put that written offer into action.

3. Shows Appreciation

The written thank you letter not only demonstrates your interest and professionalism, but it also shows that you appreciate the hiring manager’s time. Realize that you are not the only candidate interested in the job. Likely, you are one of hundreds. Understand that the hiring manager only has so much time for interviewing and speaking with candidates for any one position. Something about you or your resume got you to that face to face meeting with the manager. Isn’t it only natural that you would express gratitude for making it so far through the consideration process?

Most importantly, remember that there are many candidates who fail to send a written thank you letter after the interview. By sending a written thank you letter, you are likely to stand out amongst the crowd in a good way. This is what can get an offer letter in your hand.

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