3 Reasons You Should Respond to a Recruiter


When searching for a job, it can be easy to ignore job opportunities after finally receiving and accepting a job offer. You feel like you have finally accomplished your goal and you are ready to be done with the whole interview and job hunt process. Quite often, I have seen people ignore phone calls and emails from recruiters as soon as they have accepted a new position. However, it is important to follow up and respond to these recruiters, explaining that you are no longer on the job hunt.

1. Future Uncertainty

I once knew a job seeker who accepted a job offer, turned in his 2 weeks notice, only to find out days later that there was a mixup and the job offer was retracted. This can happen when there is a sudden change in management, a change in business, or for various other reasons. No matter what the cause, it puts the job seeker in a very bad situation. Once you have turned in your 2 weeks notice, you have made it known to your current employer that you are no longer happy in your current job. The job seeker that I referenced above was held to his 2 weeks notice and not a day longer, as his manager had already found his replacement. This job seeker was now jobless.

The point of this is that you never know what the future may hold. In spite of best intentions, things can always change and sometimes they change for the worst. After you have accepted an offer, be sure to respond to any recruitment emails or phone calls. It is perfectly fine to explain that you have recently accepted a position.

If your current job offer falls through for some reason, it will be much easier to follow up with a recruiter whom you have already spoken with, rather than finally returning a voicemail or email that was sent over a month ago.

2. Networking

Networking in general is a great way to stay in the “know” when it comes to your industry. By responding to a recruiter’s email or phone call, you are keeping the lines of communication open regarding business opportunities. Even if you are not searching for a job, it can be helpful to understand what other companies are hiring and the types of positions they are hiring for.

Perhaps you will know of someone in search of a new job that is a perfect fit for the recruiter’s opportunity. By networking with recruiting professionals, you have greater opportunity of knowing your industry even more through simple conversation, in addition to opening the door to any future opportunities.

3. Better Opportunities

Due to the previously mentioned reasons, it is always best to leave the door open to opportunities. There may be an opportunity out there that is better than the position you currently have.

The only way to know is to keep the lines of communication open with recruiting professionals by responding to their emails and calls. It never hurts to listen and learn about other opportunities.

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